Get to know what are the easy ways to get professional nail art at home?

The shape of the nails, the nail paints you choose and how you nails are says a lot about you and your personality. Everything has an effect on the personality, even if it’s the nails, but people don’t understand it and the people who don’t understand it and do not take care of the nails, appear ugly to others. There are many things that work best on the nails and can enhance the personality, such as manicure and a nail art.

As the technology has increased, everything has increased even if it’s the designs of the nail art. As there are thousands of the designs that are now available of the nail art, there are many amazing colors too from which you can choose. With that increasing spectrum of the designs and the styles, the nail art has given more awe-inspiring looks to make you appear more attractive and a whole new rainbow of colors to add charm to your personality. When different colors of the nail polish and the nail art sits on the finger tips of your nails, it makes your appearance magically marvelous.  

If you love nail colors or if you are nail art lover then to cherish a beautiful nail art, you don’t really need to depend on a professional manicurist, and you don’t have to depend on expensive salons, all you need is just the right equipment and tools. Even if you don’t have the tools, but you are creative then you can do anything and can make anything that you want on your nails. If you are just bored of applying the same colors over and over again, apply the same colors with interesting designs through nail art. Here is the answer to what are the easy ways to get professional nail art at home.

nail art step by step designs for beginners

For nail art, the required products are:

  • A base coat
  • A top coat
  • Different colors (you can choose the colors yourself)
  • A dotting tool or, toothpick or even a cotton bud

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Things you must know before you start:

nail art

When you are about to start, you must line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them for an easy cleanup, because before you start a cleanup is the best thing that one can do. Use a cotton swab to rub the jelly on the nails, as this would not let nail polish stick to your skin if you have slipped around. When people start, they make mistakes and that’s OK. Making mistakes is a part of learning so do this to prevent yourself from regretting when you have made the mistake. This is the best nail art step by step designs for beginners.

Nail art at home simple with no efforts

Another way to prevent paint from sticking around the nails is to use Elmer’s glue around the nails, apply glue and let it dry. Then start doing the nail art, I am sure you will rock on your nails yourself.

Here are some of the designs that won’t let you spend hours on the nail art:

Water Spotted Beach Nails:

what are the easy ways to get professional nail art at home

Water spotted beach nails is an easy nail art that you can make yourself even in the first attempt, for all the beach lovers this is the best nail art.

There is nothing that can compliment a sunny day more delightfully than beach waters, now you can do this yourself can make a water spotting technique that can turn your nails into a mini ocean, studded with a cute little starfish. All you need is nail enamels in medium blue, light Blue, sandy beige, white, and orange shades, you can also add a touch of glitters to it. You can make starfish using toothpicks. If you are looking for the answer to what are the easy ways to get professional nail art at home? Then try this.

Summer nails:

summer nail art

If you love nail art and you are creative enough, then trying to make summer nails as for these you can use any cool colors and can make anything you want, in the start people usually go for making lines and triangles. And the best from where you can master it, summer nails are a bunch of colors and ideas in one nail and that’s why it is the most amazing design for the nails.

Make patterns using a lot of colors so that you can master the skill, make insects or smiley’s as all the three designs are no trouble even for the beginners. You can make anything you want in the summer nails and that’s the best part of it, make oceans, beaches, patterns and go chill with it. Nail art at home simple with no efforts, try this.

Gold tips for golden lovers:

If you are a golden lover and haven’t tried anything golden on your nails yet, then this is the best one to give a try. Give your nails a little treatment of gold this weekend to make it up by painting a thin line of metallic chrome polish. Draw a thin line around the tip of your nails and see how amazing they would look; all you have to do is make a line following their actual shape.

The thin line of the metallic golden looks glamorous and rich enough in itself to need any company, Apart from the chrome nail polish, you can add any color to the nails you want, all you have to do is apply this nail paint first and then the metallic one, while applying it make sure that It would not go out of the bounds. To compliment the lustrous shade at its best, add gray or white on the base so that it will rock more, true is the thing nothing can beat the splendor of metallic designs! Want to know that what are the easy ways to get professional nail art at home then try this.

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