Useful ways of how to avoid chapped lips without lip balm

The issue of chapped lips is common in the winter season because the weather makes the skin as well as the lips dry that makes a person look weird. Chapped lips give a look that a person doesn’t care for him/herself and it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on others. Here are some home remedies to solve the issue of chapped lips and know some ways of how to avoid chapped lips without lip balm.

Rose water and honey combination:

how to avoid chapped lips without lip balm

This combination assists in renewing the lips and keeps them moisturized as well, it is a home remedy with the ingredients that are safe to use on the lips. For the preparation, you will need:

  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1 tsp of rose water

Take a small bowl and mix both ingredients to make a paste that can be easily applied to the lips. Apply it and leave for almost 15 minutes, don’t wash it away before the advised time otherwise the remedy will not give any benefit as every product requires time to affect. It is the answer to the question what are some beauty tips for dry skin?

Aloe Vera gel:

Some people feel pain due to the cracks on the lips and Aloe Vera is the best treatment because it provides the soothing effect. It comes with the healing properties due to which it is considered a great treatment and included in the list of the ways of how to get rid of chapped lips fast without chapstick or Vaseline. It helps in relieving the pain a person feels due to the cracking and the fresh gel works better than the packed and preserved gel. You only need one thing for this remedy:

  • 1 stick of Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is used in many home remedies and it provides many benefits, so it should be planted at home. Take a stick and cut it from the center to slice, take out the fresh gel and apply it on the lips before going to bed. Repeating this method for a few days will start showing the result.

Lemon and honey mixture:

how to get rid of chapped lips fast without chapstick or Vaseline

The mixture works great in treating the chapped lips and making them soft plus pinkish, for the preparation of the mixture; you need the following things:

  • Half tsp of honey
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • A few drops of castor oil

Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients in it, use your finger to apply the mixture to the lips prior to going to bed for a few days and you will see great results within a week.

Milk cream remedy:

It is one of the simplest ways of how to get rid of dry lips home remedies because nothing is needed other than the milk cream to treat the chapped lips through this remedy. It is full of fats, which help in keeping the lips moisturized and for using this way for treating the dry lips, you require:

  • A small amount of milk cream

Take out some milk cream from the fresh milk and use your finger to apply it to the lips, use cotton to clean the lips after 15 minutes and don’t forget to soak the cotton with water.

Brown sugar and almond oil:

how to get rid of dry lips home remedies

Sugar is said as a great product when it’s the matter of removing the dead cells and for this remedy, you will need the following things:

  • A small amount of brown sugar
  • 1 tsp almond oil

Mix both ingredients and apply the paste to the lips, leave the paste on the lips for 10 minutes. This remedy can be repeated without any worry of side effects.

Flax seed oil remedy:

It comes with the nourishing properties and it helps in healing the cracked skin due to which it is considered useful oil when it comes to treating the chapped lips. For using this way of treating the dry lips, you need:

  • Few drops of flax seed oil

Nothing other than this oil is required for treating the chapped lips, take a few drops in your palm and dip your finger in the oil to use it to apply the oil directly to the lips. There is no need to wash the lips after applying it as it will get absorbed and makes the lips soft.

Rose petal and milk paste:

Rose petals not only help in treating the dry lips, but also assist in making them beautiful by changing the color to pink. You have to arrange the following 2 ingredients for making a magical paste:

  • A few rose petals
  • Quarter cup of milk

Take a bowl and pour milk in it, place the petals and leave for a few hours. Make a paste of the petals and apply to the lips to begin getting good results within a week, you will observe the changed color of the lips as well.

There are some habits which need to be avoided in order to keep the lips healthy and given below is how to avoid chapped lips without lip balm.


Avoid consuming alcohol:

Consuming too much alcohol is bad not for only the human system, but also for the lips and those who consume alcohol on a daily basis suffer with the issue of chapped lips.

Avoid smoking:

The chain smokers have to face the problem of chapped lips, so if anyone smokes on a regular basis; then he/she needs to avoid smoking for getting soft lips.

Avoid touching lips with tongue:

Touching the tongue with lips again and again lands the person in the trouble of facing the chapped lips, so those with this habit should change it as soon as possible.

Consume too much water:

One reason of facing the issue of chapped lips is the deficiency of water in the body and to avoid this issue, a person should make a habit of drinking too much water daily to keep the lips hydrated.

You can try any of the above mentioned ways of how to avoid chapped lips without lip balm for treating the dry or chapped lips issue.

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