A guide to eyeshadow for small eyes

The eyes of the people are the window to their soul, so this window should be made as beautiful as one can make them. With the right makeup and some professional tips one can make their eyes as they want. Some people have too big, eyes so with the right practice they make it smaller while some have too small, so they want to make their eyes appear bigger.

The most common issue with women are small eyes, people crave for bigger and brighter eyes because it can add a charm to personality that no one can stop looking at. The eyes are the most important part of the body, but sadly some people have it small which make them feel bad about their appearance. Here are some of the best tips and eyeshadow for small eyes:

Apply lighter eye shadows:

eyeshadow for small eyes

If you have small eyes, but you want them to appear big, the most important tip that you must know about is that you should always go for lighter and brighter eye shadows. If your eyes are small, then forget applying dark shades on the eyes as it will make them appear smaller. It is best to apply a lighter shade on all over eyelid, rather than mixing or applying on half of the eyelid.

Another thing which is best for a small eye is shimmery, neutral and pearly light hues. While applying or choosing these shades, one should always consider the skin tone and the undertone as well. If you are worried that only some shades can be applied, then get to know that are thousands of different shades in the kit that you can choose from. All you have to know is which color would be the best for you to enhance your eyes and make the focal point of the face. There are many ideas of eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger.

Use Shimmers:

Smokey eye makeup for small eyes

We all have heard that “all that glitters is not gold” but for people with small eyes it is “all that shimmers is gold”. Neutral or matte eye shadows are great if you have small eyes, but the best of all this is shimmer. For making small eyes bigger, metallic, pearly and frosty eye shades are the best, it can make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and even lovelier.

If you are not a fond of the shimmery eye shadows, then apply some on the inner part or the center, if you don’t want to apply it on the lid overall, you can have the option to skip it. Choosing eyeshadow for small eyes is not a difficult thing, a little knowledge about the shades and that’s all.

Smoky eyes

Smokey eye makeup for small eyes

Smoky eyes are something that almost all of us love, but due to the different eye shapes, some of us fail to have the proper look of it. Sometimes people don’t know the right technique of applying shades, they use too much of black or they don’t know what the do’s and the don’ts are, through which they end up making a mess. Smoky eye makeup is best for small eyes as it can make your eyes look bigger in some steps, all you have to do is take care that you are not using too much brown, black or purple.

One thing that you should not do is, don’t use too much black on the eyelid and don’t cover all the lid of the eye with it. Use the combination of light colors to make them pop out, so that you can look fabulous. Apply a shimmer and a thin liner, you can also do this task with the black eye shadow, but make sure that you are not using a jet black color. If your lashes are small, don’t hesitate and use false lashes so that you can have a marvelous look with big and lovely eyes. Smokey eye makeup for small eyes can make your eyes look bigger; you won’t believe it works like magic. Apart from eye shadows there are many other things that work best as well, which are as follows:

Eye pencil:

eye pencil

Eye pencil can make your eyes look smaller and it can make your eyes look bigger as well, using it the right way you can do whatever you want to do with your eyes. One of the best things for small eyes is a natural beige eye pencil; it can enhance your eyes and make you look attractive. You can use this pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes which will make you stand out of the crowd for looking the best of all. Eye makeup tips for small eyes can make your eyes look 10 times bigger than the original.



What a bit of mascara can do, can be done with nothing else. A mascara can work like wonders for the small eyes, it not only make the eyes look bigger, but can also add an amazing charm and attractive look to them. If you have small eyes or even bigger eyes, your makeup can never be complete, if you have not used the mascara; mascara is a must no matter what the size of your eyes is. For applying mascara to the small eyes, first use an eyelash curler. Once your eyelashes are finally curled, then wiggle the mascara from the tips of the lashes to the base. Once it is done, then make another coat, but make sure that you do the second coat when the first one dries off.

Fake eyelashes:

eye lashes

If you want to make your eyes look bigger or doll like for the upcoming party, then don’t hesitate to use fake lashes, different lashes can provide you with different looks. Choose the lashes wisely, choose the one which will look best on you; this is another amazing tip that can enhance the look of your eyes from small to big. These lashes can make you look flawless, they are cheap and for applying them, no extra effort is needed. There is a lot of eyeshadow for small eyes, just get to know that which colors are the best so that you can rock the floor.

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