Get to know what are some faster hair growth tips?

It cannot be denied that genetics play an important role in the hair growth, the texture of hair and everything related to the hair; but there are some external factors that affect them including the diet and weather. Proper care needs to be taken to keep the hair healthy and to grow them again; from here you can get to know what are some faster hair growth tips?

Egg for fast hair growth:

what are some faster hair growth tips?

Egg not only provides the benefit when it is consumed, it also benefits the person when it is applied. Why to use the serums and the creams for faster hair growth when there are natural products available which never leave any side effect?  Nothing should be preferred other than the natural products for the hair growth because the artificial serums and the hair growth solutions provide the benefit for a short period of time.


Take an egg and separate the egg yolk from it because just the egg white is required for the preparation of the solution for the hair issue, add a few drops of coconut oil in it along with a quarter teaspoon of honey. Apply the thick paste on the hair and leave the paste on the hair for minimum 15 minutes, wash the past away and you will see the results after repeating this remedy for a few times. This remedy is for the individuals who want to know what are the causes of hair loss and how to prevent hair falling?

Rosemary oil massage for hair growth:

When it comes to the hair grow faster, rosemary oil massage should not be ignored because it is the best solution for those want fast hair growth due to which it is added in this list of how to grow hair faster and thicker home remedies. Nothing is needed for this remedy other than the rosemary oil and a few drops of coconut oil, the oil benefits the scalp by increasing the blood flow; which helps in the hair growth and it also makes the roots strong.


Take a small amount of rosemary oil and add a few drops of coconut oil in it, massage the scalp with the mixture of the oils and leave the oil on the scalp for minimum 20 minutes. It is a good idea to add a few drops of rosemary oil in the shampoo bottle and mix it properly, so it provides the benefits every time a person uses the shampoo to wash the hair.

Potato juice for fast hair growth:

how to grow hair faster and thicker home remedies

Potato is not only tastes great, it also does magic when it comes to the treatment of slow hair growth issue. It not only helps in getting the hair growth faster, but also assists in solving the thinning of hair.


For the preparation of the paste that will work like magic on your hair, take one potato and squeeze the juice from it using any method of squeezing the juice out of the vegetable. Add a few drops of honey and the mix one egg yolk in the mixture that will end up making the juice a paste that can be easily applied to the hair. There is no need to let the paste on the hair for the whole day, just 30 minutes are enough. Potato is the answer for the individuals searching for what are some faster hair growth tips?

Fenugreek for getting long hair:

what are some faster hair growth tips?

There are many health benefits offered by the fenugreek and one of the is it helps in making the hair grow faster, the great thing about this spice is that its water and seeds both can be used for making the hair grow faster.


Take 3 tablespoons full of fenugreek seeds and soak them in a bowl full of water, let them in the water for a whole day. You will see the color of the water turned brownish, if you want to try the fenugreek water remedy; then wash the hair with the water after draining it and throw away the seeds. Don’t forget to leave the solution on the hair for at least 2 hours and then wash the hair like you do in the regular routine. You can repeat this remedy on a daily basis for getting good results in a few days.

If you want to use the seeds for the great results, then soak the seeds in the water for 12 hours and drain the water because seeds are required in this method. Make a paste of the seeds by adding coconut milk in them, then apply the paste on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes. There are 2 methods of using this spice for the fast hair growth due to which it is the perfect answer to the question what are some tips for hair growth?

Garlic for stopping hair fall and hair growth:

Garlic is good for the health as well as for the hair; it boosts the blood circulation of the scalp which in turn makes the hair grow faster.


Take some olive oil in the pan and add 7 cloves of garlic in it, let it on the stove until the oil begins to boil and then turn off the stove. Apply the oil on the scalp and leave it for almost 30 minutes, this method should be repeated 2 times in a week for great results.

protein for hair growth

Protein should be added in the diet and the eatables that contain it should be eaten regularly because consuming the diet which is not rich in protein leaves the hair dull and weak. The eatables that are rich in protein include eggs, fish and meat, which should be ignored. It is a good idea to make a diet plan which includes the eatables rich in protein, so its intake can be made possible every day and it is the perfect way of making the hair healthy as well as shiny. Other than the diet, the home remedies are mentioned above and these are the answer for the people looking for what are some faster hair growth tips?


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