How do you clean makeup brushes for avoiding acne?

People usually think that makeup brush is something that is everlasting, but that’s not true. Makeup brushes do need to be cleaned up, asking people that how often they wash their brushes is something that you will always get a “no” in the answer and it’s because they don’t know that cleaning the makeup brushes once in a week or even in a month is something quite important.

Cosmetics don’t grow on trees and people should realize this as early as possible, makeup items are costly and especially the set of brushes. Rather than throwing them and getting a costly set, simply wash them and get something that is new in the stock, besides spending money on something that you already have. If you take care of your makeup brushes, they live longer than one can imagine as they are included in the list of what are some makeup products you can’t live without?

The makeup brushes with which we apply blush on and eye shadows are the ones that cause us pimples as they have bacteria inside them and we don’t usually realize it. It’s not a good thing to think about that whenever you have used these makeup brushes, these little particles of the bacteria have been stuck to the skin and you are carrying them wherever you go. Clean brushes are not only good for the skin, but they also help you do the task of applying blush on, eye shadows or foundation even better.

When the bristles of the brush are soft, they will do better application of the product, when there is a lot of foundation that is already frozen on the brush, it will cause scratches and streaks when you will apply foundation with it. And from having better that looks ugly, it’s better not to do or if you want to do then make sure you brushes are OK, if they are not then don’t go to buy a new one, wash them and make them new. How do you clean makeup brushes is also something very important, so here are some of the best tips for you:

Individuals usually don’t know that how often to clean makeup brushes, individuals who work in salons or even are the owners sometimes think that using the same brush on every face for years is OK but that’s something that can cause harm to your skin. If the makeup is not perfect, it’s not always the lack of skills, but sometimes it’s the equipment so make sure that you wash your brush every week, wash them every seventh day. For washing different brushes, there are different techniques as they are a lot of brushes and all of them are different from one another and they vary according to the task.

How do you clean makeup brushes

How do you clean makeup brushes is something that is quite important to discuss because most of the individuals don’t know how to do it, they do things which cause them fatigue or they end up in destroying the brushes. The thing that one must avoid is, never rub the brushes too hard, rub them softly and in a circular motion. Never leave the brushes soaked in the water, wash them immediately.

how often to clean makeup brushes

Wash your brush bristles with soap & oil:

In a bowl mix oil and soap because  soap is best for the breakdown of makeup residue that is on the brush and the oil will condition the bristles and make them same like new again. Wash your brush gently and it is best if you wash them at night because when you will up the next day your brushes would be dry. Before leaving the brushes, make sure that you have squeezed out all the water from the brushes.

how to clean foundation brushes

Cleaning the handle is also important:

When you are using dirty brushes, you are not only using them, you are transferring the germs to the other places also, bacteria and germs are also sitting on the handle of the makeup brushes also. So whenever it comes to cleaning the brushes, make sure that you have cleaned or washed the handles also because it is also equally important.

The best way to wash these handles is by doing a simple thing, pour a bit of alcohol onto the handle of the brush and rub it with a cotton pad. This is the best tip that will not only help you in cleaning the brushes but disinfecting them also.

wash brush handle

 How often you wash your brushes is also important:

Not only dirty brushes can affect your skin, but they can also change the colors of the makeup that you are applying as the colors get mixed with the old ones and change. It depends on the bristles that how often they need cleaning, if you have natural brushes, clean them on a weekly basis and if you synthetic brushes then clean them on a daily basis. These brushes may be are the one that you use for applying lipstick, eye shadow or even a liner.

Do not use a hair dryer on the foundation brushes:

hair dryer on makeup brush

A person must know that how to clean foundation brushes, apart from that the most important thing that one always know is that never use a hair dryer on these brushes because an intense heat from the hair dryer can ruin the fibers of the brush. If you think that the fibers of your brush are of sable, or natural fibers, still you should not use hair dryer on it.

The hair on the makeup brush is more fragile than the hair we have on our head so they needs to be washed with a lot of care. Another quite important thing that one must know is that when you wash your brushes and it comes to the drying part, keep them in ventilated area. Don’t put them in a place where air cannot pass through as if you don’t this the brushes would start stinking.

How do you clean makeup brushes is something that counts a lot, so make sure you are doing it in the right way.

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