Here is the surprising reason you have trouble sleeping

There can be any reason of trouble sleeping including the fight with the beloved, project stress or pending important tasks. Making some changes in the sleeping habits can assist in solving the issue of trouble sleeping, some people who face the issue while sleeping doesn’t realize the main reason behind it.

The points mentioned here can solve the issue of many individuals, who can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep and stay lazy the next day. Some of the causes mentioned below are the surprising reason you have trouble sleeping and there are also some beauty tips that are not about makeup which includes the good night’s sleep as it improves the health as well as enhances the beauty.

Sleeping with light on:

surprising reason you have trouble sleeping

Some people have the habit of sleeping in darkness and when there is light in the room, it interferes with the good night’s sleep. Even a little bit of light like the light of the alarm clock and light entering the room from under the door can disturb a person while sleeping, it is a good idea to put the curtains to stop the light entering the room.

If there is no way to get the completely dark room, then using the eye mask to cover the eyes is a good idea. It is proven by the studies that the light gives the signal to the human system that it is the time to wake up due to which a person gets disturbed while sleeping.

Not eating healthy:

difficulty sleeping through the night

A person should eat proper dinner, but it doesn’t mean that too much food should be eaten because overeating is the cause of trouble sleeping. It is advised to eat 2 hours prior to laying in the bed, consuming the meal full of protein is better because it helps in relaxing while sleeping as it stimulates the hormone, which relaxes the human system.

Hormone changes:

Most of the females complain that they have trouble sleeping during their period and the reason is the fluctuation in the hormones. Taking a bath with the hot water helps in enjoying the good night’s sleep, if anyone has the problem of cramps; then taking the pill for relieving the pain should not be ignored. It is suggested to dress up in light clothes during the period to enjoy the comfortable sleep.

Hunger issue:

Not eating properly is the surprising reason you have trouble sleeping because individuals who want to lose weight doesn’t eat properly due to which they can’t sleep comfortably. Hunger pangs troubles an individual, it is a good idea to save some of the calories from the total amount of calories allowed according to a diet plan and consume a snack rich in proteins. A small amount of cheese works well in fulfilling the desire to eat as it keeps a person feel full.

Drinking caffeine containing drinks:

trouble sleeping anxiety

Caffeine is the reason for difficulty sleeping through the night for many individuals, so consuming the drinks containing it should be avoided prior to going to the bed. It keeps the mind of the person active and it doesn’t allow the mind to relax, if any person is facing the severe issue in sleeping every night; then he/she can see the change by stop drinking caffeinated drinks for a few days because the caffeine affects the mind for 10 to 12 hours. If the person faces trouble in sleeping, then he/she can’t stay active the next day.

Over thinking:

Over thinking is also the cause of trouble in sleeping in many cases, the reason of thinking can be any like an argument with the loved one. For getting rid of the thoughts that are keeping you awake, it is a good idea to get up from the bed and go to any other area of the home as it assists in stopping the thoughts that are troubling while sleeping.

Pet in bed:

Pet in bed

Many people take their pets with them to the bed, which is the reason of trouble sleeping in many cases; so it is better to make a small bed for the pets near the bed. A person should avoid taking the cat or dog with him/her in bed for a comfortable sleep.

Wrong pillow choice:

The wrong choice of the pillow can be the cause of trouble sleeping, one should choose a pillow which supports the head and neck. Too thin pillow is not suggested as well as stacking the pillows under the head is also not a good choice. Supporting the back is required in some cases for which an individual can put between the legs as it helps in sleeping better.

Stressed mind:

stress and anxiety

Going to the bed with the stressed mind is the reason of trouble sleeping anxiety, it is better to handle the stress issue for sleeping comfortably. A good idea to manage the stress is to make a schedule for the tasks that need to be done the next day because it will help in releasing the stress of the work. Hanging out with the best friend is also a great idea to release the stress and anxiety because sharing helps a lot and makes the mind peaceful.

Not following a routine:

Making a routine for sleeping and waking up works well in enjoying the sleep, it is said that the human system has a biological clock due to which the routine helps in having a comfortable sleep at night. Those who stick to the specific schedule and doesn’t work against it even on the weekends never complain about facing trouble while sleeping, but if anyone still facing issues with sleeping according to the scheduled time; then getting up from the bed and completing a task can help in sleeping better after mind relaxation.

Here are the reasons which can be the surprising reason you have trouble sleeping and changing the habits can help in getting the issue solved, those who can’t figure out what is the reason behind their sleepless nights can get the idea which is the reason that is troubling them. It is better to know the reason and solve it because this issue can lead to severe insomnia, which will disturb the person mentally.

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