A guide on what is the best cure for occasional dandruff

Dandruff not only makes the hair look bad with the flakes on them, but also lowers the confidence level of the person due to which it should be treated before it’s too late as it can lead to the severe hair loss problem. Many people want to know the answer of what is the best cure for occasional dandruff which many of them believe doesn’t exist, but they are wrong because there are multiple remedies that can be prepared at home with the natural ingredients.

Buying the creams and the shampoos prepared for getting rid of the dandruff are not the only way to treat this issue which embarrasses the person, they are also not good for the hair. Using the natural products to treat the issue like dandruff is best because they don’t leave any side effects and they also works great for what are some faster hair growth tips? Given below are some remedies that can be prepared at home.

Orange peel and lemon mixture:

what is the best cure for occasional dandruff

Take an orange and peel it off, eat the orange because you are not going to apply the orange on your scalp; you need the orange peel. Put the orange peel into the grinder and also pour a few drops of lemon in it, turn on the grinder and don’t turn it off until you can see the paste in the grinder. Apply the paste onto the scalp and don’t wash it before half an hour because every product requires some time to give the results.

Coconut milk remedy:

how to get rid of dandruff in one wash

Those who are looking for the answer to the question how to get rid of dandruff in one wash, this remedy requires 4 ingredients that are safe to apply on the scalp and provide good results. Take the equal amount of neem juice and coconut milk along with the beetroot juice, all three ingredients after mixing should make a quarter cup and mix a small amount of coconut oil in the mixture just a few drops.

Don’t wash the mixture immediately after applying to the scalp; you need to let it sit on the scalp for minimum 15 minutes and this treatment will show you good results.

Sun exposure:

It is said that sun exposure is not a good thing for skin and it is true to some extent because the sun rays are harmful and brown spots appear on the skin if a person doesn’t cover the skin when under the sun. But there is a link between treatment of the dandruff and sun rays, may be it dries out the oils secreted by the scalp due to which the dandruff can be controlled.

It should be kept in mind that one should not sit under the sun for more time, the schedule should be strict and the timing should be just 10 minutes. Try this remedy as it is not harmful, cover the body and just expose the scalp; so the sun rays access the scalp.

Aloe Vera remedy:

what's the best way to get rid of dandruff

The remedies that don’t require more than one product are great just like this Aloe Vera remedy; it contains the anti-fungal properties due to which it is used for the treatment of the dandruff. It is better to use the fresh gel for the treatment, the packed gel is not effective and if you have the severe dandruff issue than it is a good idea to get an Aloe Vera plant for the home; so you can get the fresh gel when required.

Just take a stick of Aloe Vera and take out the gel from it, apply it directly on the scalp and massage for a couple of minutes; so the benefits get absorbed into the scalp. The gel should be left on the scalp for just 25 minutes and wash it off, you will feel the difference in a few washes due to which it is added in this list of what is the best cure for occasional dandruff.

Coconut Oil and lemon mixture:

coconut and lemon remedy

There is no need of investing money for buying the harmful chemicals to treat the dandruff, which helps in getting rid of the dandruff for some time; but damages the hair. You can use the natural products for treating this issue because coconut oil makes the hair glowing and the lemon copes with the dandruff.

You just need a lemon and a small amount of coconut oil, add both ingredients in an equal amount; but the oil should be warmed first. Take the mixture with fingers and apply on the scalp after which you need to massage to absorb the mixture. Let the mixture there for almost 15 minutes and wash it off to see the great results.

Fenugreek paste:

Fenugreek remedy

Fenugreek not only provides the benefits to the human system, but it is also good for the skin. You just require fenugreek seeds because it is the solution of what’s the best way to get rid of dandruff, take a glass of water and place the seeds in it.

You need to place the seeds in water at night before the day when you want to use it for treating the dandruff because they need to be soaked for almost 12 hours. Drain the water and make a paste of the wet seeds with which you can get a paste for applying to the scalp, let it on the scalp for almost 50 minutes and then wash it off.

Some people believe that applying oil on the hair is good for the hair, but it is true that leaving it on the scalp is for many hours is not good. What is the best cure for occasional dandruff is not known by many, but the above mentioned remedies are so good and are easy to prepare at home.

Treating the dandruff and the other issues linked to the scalp is essential because they become the reason of hair loss. Hair is important to take care of because they make the person look good and adds to the personality of the person for which the scalp should be healthy and dandruff free.

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