Know the secret of how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup

Making it look like you don’t have too much makeup on your face doesn’t mean that you want to hide that you are wearing makeup, if the other around you can see the amount of makeup you have applied on the face makes them pay attention to the makeup and not on your natural beauty. Bright makeup looks great, but only when a person is going to attend a party; too much makeup doesn’t look nice in the routine and for going on the job. There are some techniques, mastering which you can make your look natural even when you have applied multiple cosmetics. Here is the information on how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup and given below are the points following which you can make others feel you haven’t applied any cosmetic on the face.

Never forget to moisturize:

This step should not be skipped, it is necessary to wash the face and apply the moisturizer prior to applying the cosmetics because it makes the person look fresh.

Get help of primer:

It is not something to ignore when it comes to making the makeup look fabulous as it offers two benefits, first of all it makes the makeup look smooth and it never allows the makeup to make the lines on the eyes prominent.

Never leave eyebrows untouched:

Making it look like there is nothing applied on the face doesn’t mean that eyebrows should be left untouched, the eyebrow pencil of 2 tone lighter than the natural shade of the eyebrows can be used to groom the brows, which makes the appearance attractive. It is not necessary to use an eye pencil for the filling; the eye shadow can also be used to fill the eyebrows.

how to make it like you're not wearing makeup

Apply neutral colors:

The great way of making it look like you haven’t applied makeup is applying the colors that compliment the complexion of your skin, using the colors like cream and light brown are best for the eyes and the blush on should be of the cheeks natural color.

how to master natural makeup

A great and beneficial tip for how to master natural makeup is to apply the cosmetics in the sunlight because it assists in helps in applying the lightest touch of the makeup products which can make it look like you have applied a lot of makeup if they are not applied in a small amount.

Don’t use old mascara:

It is better to buy new mascara after every 3 or 4 months because the clumps that are formed in its bottle acts as an obstacle of making how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup because by seeing the flakes on the eyelashes, everyone can know that you have applied mascara. It is better to apply just one coat for the natural look because applying several coats make the eye lashes thicker and it gives the impression of fakeness which you need to avoid in order to look like you haven’t applied makeup.

mascara application

Apply concealer instead of foundation:

It is not necessary to apply the foundation to look awesome in the regular routine, you can apply the concealer to hide the imperfections and skip using foundation.

Stain the lips:

It is a great technique of showing that you are without makeup; apply the color of lipstick you love and wait a few minutes prior to removing it with tissue. A light color will stay on the lips, which shows that you are not wearing lipstick, take a little bit of lip balm on finger and apply it on the lips. A girl can go for a lipstick shade that perfectly matches the lip color and use the finger to apply it by bouncing the finger on the lips rather than applying it directly.

Lip stain

Blending the cosmetics:

Multiple products that are used for making the look appealing needs blending properly, otherwise it will be shown that the face is full of cosmetics. Foundation if not blended properly looks weird and the highlighter also requires to be blended properly or it will prominent the area on which it is applied and will ruin the overall look.

Do you know how to make it look like you’re not wearing foundation?

The most important thing to make the people feel you haven’t applied foundation is to choose the perfect tone of the foundation that goes with your skin tone because it will not appear prominently when it is blended properly.

how to make it look like you're not wearing foundation

Moisturizing is important:

A person should never ignore the importance of moisturizing the skin when making efforts to look natural because it makes the skin smooth and sets a base for the cosmetics.

Foundation brush:

A person should not apply the foundation with the fingers, synthetic foundation brush should be used for blending the products otherwise it will sit on the skin and gives a fake look.

Blend the product:

No matter how much the quality of your foundation is high, if it is not blended the right way, it will not fulfill the purpose for which it is applied. Apply the concealer and the highlighter over the base and blend them well, so the products merge with each other and no line remains to make the look fake.

The sponge is also used by the makeup experts for the blending purpose because it works well in blending, but there are a few beauty blender sponge mistakes you don’t know you’re making which need to be corrected for getting the benefits it offers. It can not only be used for the blending of the liquid cosmetics, it can be used for the application of the dry cosmetics as well due to which it is an outstanding multipurpose item.

Those who want to get the idea on how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup; the above mentioned points are helpful which can assist in hiding the makeup for the natural look. Follow the above mentioned points and you will feel the difference.

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