How to choose the right shade of lipstick for eye-catching look

Admit it or not, but all of us love collecting cosmetics and that’s why our makeup bags are full of it. Some of the items are always new, because of having too much we usually don’t realize that there are some makeup products that we haven’t even used yet. Picking different shades for your skin is something that not all girls do, they choose a color and keep applying it.

The reason behind this is they are afraid of trying something new because they are not sure that whether it would suit them or not. How to choose the right shade of lipstick is not a hard task, here are the points that can help you:


Choosing the right shades has not to do with the lip colors, but the first thing that matters the most is determining your skin color. First of all, examine your skin color in the natural light (Daylight) as there are many skin tones like medium, deep, tan, light or fair. Ways to check:

  • Fair skin: if your skin is pale and it got burned very easily from the sun rays, you have redness as well then it is a fair one.
  • Light skin: if your skin burns too much in the sunlight and you become tan too easily then its light skin.
  • Medium: if you don’t have too much sensitive skin, and you don’t get tanned too early then its medium skin.
  • Tan: if your skin is olive, you burn too occasionally and you look tan in the winters than its tan.
  • Deep: if you have a very dark skin that do not get burned, your hair is possibly brown or black naturally then you have a deep complexion.

How to choose the right shade of lipstick

Skin tone:

If you want to know that what type of skin tone you have then checking it yourself is not hard, as you can figure it out through looking at your veins. Different skin tones means different things, like:

  • If you have a cool skin tone, your veins must be blue or purple.
  • If you have warm skin, your veins must be green.
  • If you can’t decide looking at the veins that whether they are blue or green, then you can choose colors from both skin tones.

lipstick skin tone guide

Skin reaction:

Another very important thing to consider is that how your skin reacts to the sun, different skin types react to the sun differently as if you have:

  • Skin that tans easily, then you have a warm skin tone; most of the Indian and African American have this type of skin tone.
  • If you have a blue skin tone, then you burn before your skin gets tan, another symbol of falling in this category is having deep ebony skin.

Another way of determining skin type:

Another way of determining skin type is by trying different colors of jewelry on your skin, as if you:

  • if you have warm skin tones, then golden jewelry will look best on you.
  • If you have cool skin tones, then silver would go best.
  • If your skin tone is neutral, then both of the silver and golden would look best on you.

If you are worried that how to choose the right shade of lipstick, then make sure that you know these things:

how to pick the right lipstick shade for dark skin

Choosing everyday lip color:

For choosing an everyday color, you need to choose a shade that is two tones deeper than your natural lip color, the best way of knowing that what would be the best one for you is to try a color on your lower lip and then compare it with the upper one as if the shades are too much different then you need to keep going. The lipstick skin tone guide is something that makes choosing the color even more easy, most of the stores have this guide so that the customers can select easily.

If you want to know that how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup, then here is a tip for you:

choosing lip color

Blending is very important:

In makeup, blending plays the major role in making and breaking the look of your face. Blending the makeup is something that can make you look gorgeous if you don’t do it accurately, then it can make you look ugly as well. Blending is the main thing as the key to a great smoky eye is the blending, then when it comes to the highlighter; the secret to using highlighter is blending. Nothing can break your look more than the lines of the foundation that appears on your face if you don’t blend it properly. After doing every single step in the makeup, blend, blend and blend to make it the best.

foundation blending

Choose or apply neutral colors:

If you want a no makeup look even when you have done it full, then one should go for neutral colors that will compliment your skin tone. It’s a fact that no one can deny, that purple shadows bring out hazel eyes, brown eyes can look more than gorgeous with the touch of green, but if you want to keep things looking natural then choose the shades of tan. For no makeup look, going for tan, brown and cream shades are the best. In case of blush, a peach or rosy pink is the best.

no makeup art

If you have a dark skin, then how to pick the right lipstick shade for dark skin is not hard anymore as it is mentioned above that how the lipstick colors should be chosen. Choosing the right shade for your lips and according to the skin is not a hard thing, all you have to do is understand things like the skin tone and complexion and which colors go best with them. Because there is no right shade of the lipstick, but it is your skin tones which maters and plays a major role in how one carries it.

Follow these things and get to know that how to choose the right shade of lipstick.

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