6 Beauty blender sponge mistakes you don’t know you’re making

Every girl knows all the ways to use the beauty blender for different purposes, but none of them knows that they are making some mistakes while using it. Correcting those mistakes will help in getting a perfect finish; either you are using it to apply the foundation or the concealer. Given below are a few beauty blender sponge mistakes you don’t know you’re making.

how to make a beauty blender softer

Not using it damp:

Most of the girls make the mistake of using a beauty blender dry due to which the streaks form on their face and they fail to get the perfect finish, it is necessary to use a damp sponge for the blending purpose.

Not bouncing it:

The right way of applying makeup with the help of a beauty blender is to bounce it on the skin and pressing it gently, so that the product can be applied to the targeted area. Rubbing it on the face is not the right way to use it.

Not cleaning it after using:

Some girls don’t feel it necessary to clean the sponge after the use and they use it for blending the foundation next day as it is with the makeup stuck in it, which is not good for the skin. It can be a reason of acne, which can be avoided; so it is necessary to clean the sponge with the cleanser after you use it to avoid the pimples on the face. It is one of the mistakes which requires instant correction because it relates to the beauty blender sponge mistakes you don’t know you’re making, which are harm full for the skin.

beauty blender sponge mistakes you don't know you're making

Not using with soft hands:

Using the sponge with the hard hands or with the sharp nails can damage it, it should be used gently and it should not be pulled with too much force when washing it. It is a good idea to pour the cleaner on the wet sponge and roll it in the center of both hands; this method of washing will not leave any residue of makeup in it.


Not using it for dry makeup:

It is not only for the application of the liquid makeup products, it can be used for setting the dry products like the highlighter.

beautyblender use

Using it just for makeup application:

If you are using it just for the application of the makeup, then you are using it wrong because it can be used for several other purposes such as removing the makeup. You can pour the makeup cleanser on it and use it for the removal of the cosmetics which is a safe way to remove them because the sponge is soft and it doesn’t damage the skin.  When you are going to buy a new beauty blender, then don’t throw away the old one as you can use it for the makeup removal.

polish remover beautyblender

Just like not using the sponge the right way, which doesn’t give the perfect finish; some girls want to know about the eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making. It is equally important to avoid the eyebrow mistakes to look adorable.

Do you know how to store beauty blender perfectly?

Many girls complain about the mold that ruins their sponge, but they don’t realize their mistake as they don’t give it a chance to dry and store it in the bag with no air. Blocking the oxygen and the light from any damp product gives the chance to mold to appear on it, so it should be kept in mind to keep in air after washing it.

If there is no time to let the sponge dry because you have to go somewhere, then it is good to place it in an organza bag to let dry in the air. It is not necessary to keep the sponge in the packing in which it comes, for those who use it every day; it is a good idea to keep it in an egg cup after washing it because the cup when not covered allows the air to pass and it will not make the sponge moldy.

how to store beauty blender perfectly

Using it damp is the answer to the question how to make a beauty blender softer because using it dry is the biggest mistake many girls do and complain that it is not a good sponge which is not true because no any other sponge offers the blending perfection and also don’t fulfill multiple purposes like beauty blender.

It is a great thing to know about the sponge that it is not only great in applying the makeup, but also the moisturizing lotion and other creams including the sunscreen, so owning this great product eliminates the need of different products needed for the application of makeup and lotions.

It is created in a shape that it helps in applying perfectly on every area like the sides of the nose and under the eyes; the tip of the sponge is perfect to even out the application of foundation and concealer. It is an outstanding product to invest money and a person should not ignore changing it after every 3 months because in many cases, it gets damaged if the girl uses it with hard hands.

The individuals who are going to buy a beauty blender for the first time may get confused because it is available in 4 sizes; the shapes are also different with the colors. But it is something good to know about the sponge that a single can be used for all the application purposes.

There is no need to buy all of them for the makeup application as it will be difficult to take care of all of them at the same time as washing them all will take too much time. But if you love to adorn your dressing table with the cosmetics and the application tools, then it is great to purchase them all. A new buyer of the sponge should know the mistakes which need to be avoided and those who already own it should stop making the beauty blender sponge mistakes you don’t know you’re making.

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