Common eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making

The shape of the eyebrows can make or break your look, in making up the personality of a person everything counts even if it’s the little thing like eyebrows. Most individuals think that eyebrows do not matter which make them look boring and nerdy, here are common eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making:

Matching the eyebrow color exact with the hair color:

eyebrow mistakes to avoid

The people who dye their hair thinks that it’s a must for them to have the eyebrow of their hair color which is wrong as if you have dyed your hair in auburn color, it’s not a must to have the eyebrows of the same color or if you have bleached the hair; then it’s not a must to have the eyebrows in the same shade as well.

If the shade of your eyebrows is not exactly as your hairs, that’s fine. Putting all your energy into making it the same is the mistake. Whether it’s an eyebrow pencil or a dye, picking the shade of brown that also goes with your hair color, but is a slight tint is the best to go for. If you have blond hair, then you can go for any color that is a bit darker than the hair.

Ignoring the natural shape or arch:

eyebrow mistakes you don't know you are making

Just because your eyebrows don’t have an arch like a mountain, then it doesn’t mean that there is not any arch, the arch does not need to be on a sharp 45 angle. On the top edge of the eyebrow, there is an arch that you need to figure out; if the eyebrows are not plucked properly then finding the arch is hard. But if the shape is perfect, then you can make an arch as you like, pro tip is when you are doing your plucking then match the bottom edge to the top arch of the eyebrow. When you go to shape the opposite side, then finding the arch becomes easier. Like the eyebrows are important, looking natural is also important for some girls for which they look for how to make it like you’re not wearing makeup.

Apply the eye shade too thickly:

applying thick eyeshade

Another eyebrow mistakes to avoid is that most of the people think that applying a thick layer of eye shade or the eyebrow pencil will make them look gorgeous and that’s a false belief. Applying too much thick layer of the makeup on the eyebrows will make it look like that you have painted your face, if you have overdone the makeup on the eyebrows; it will make your whole face messy.

When it comes to filling the eyebrows, then one must use light shades and for applying them short stock brushes are the best. Instead of pressing down the hair and make thick lines, apply the color gently so that you can have a charming look. It’s very easy to do, first practice on anything you can; you can even do it on your hands and then apply over the exact place.

Trying to achieve perfection:

There are many eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making and one of them is trying to achieve perfection. When it comes to the eyebrows, then one should always know that you can’t make them look like the same no matter how hard you try and when people do so they usually end up over plucking the eyebrows. A slight difference in the eyebrows doesn’t look bad, when it comes to a little bit of difference, but still your heart craves for perfection, then remember one thing that your eyebrows can be sisters but not twins. Even twins are sometimes different then why can’t your eyebrows be.

Plucking the eyebrows before taking a shower:

plucking after shower

People usually shower whenever they want, they don’t know that they should not shower after plucking the hair, but they should do the task of showering before they pluck the hair. The reason behind this is that, when we take shower with the warm water, then sometime the hair loosens up and when you pluck them right after taking bath with warm water they usually slips out quickly causing you less pain.

Not filling in Brows:

eyebrow filling

If the hair of your eyebrows is too light, then for a proper look, you must fill them. Not filling the eyebrows with makeup causes you look less attractive, because eyebrows are the most important thing that plays a major role in making you look attractive. Filling them does not mean you have to play with the brushes and make them too thin, just take a brush or an eye pencil and apply it gently. Choosing the right shade is also very important, as eyebrows can make or break the appearance so one can never leave them as it is. You can use colors, eye shades and even eye pencils as well.

Do you know how to fix short eyebrows?

how to fix short eyebrows

If you have short eyebrows naturally or if you have over plucked them mistakenly then don’t worry because there are thousands of the things that you can do make them look perfect. It’s a very terrifying moment, when you suddenly realize that you have over plucked the hair of your eyebrows with a tweezers; this is the moment when most of the people start feeling helpless. But you should not be the one, because there is a tip for you and that is to get an eyebrow pencil which is lighter than the shade of your eyebrows.

Make sure that the pencil you are using is two shades lighter, makes lines lightly over the eyebrow and make your original shape. After making the shape, fill in the color, but do it lightly. Applying the color too much can make you look worse, so apply it gently. You can also use powder, but before applying the powder one must make the sure that the eyebrows are dry and free of all sorts of moisturizers. These are the common eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making.

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