Effective natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks

Stretch marks are ugly marks that appear in the form of lines on different body parts due to the stretching of the skin, there are many causes of stretch marks including rapid weight increase and pregnancy. The individuals who have less elasticity in their skin face the issue of stretch marks and mostly this problem is faced by the females.

Stretch marks usually appear on the belly and thighs, it is believed by most of the people that it is impossible to treat them, which is not true. People think that there are some questions with no answers like what are the safe remedies to cure stretch marks and how can I remove facial hair in just one day? But it is a misconception because there is always a solution for every problem. Given below are some natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks which are safe to use as they don’t contain any harsh chemical and they are an inexpensive method of treating the stretch marks.

Apricot remedy:

natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks

Fruits provide benefits to the body either they are eaten or applied, so the apricot is used to cure the stretch marks and makes the skin glow. This remedy is simple and only an apricot is required for treating the ugly marks, take an apricot and mash it to make a paste. You can use a blender or can do it by hand, using a blender is better as the fruit is a bit hard to crush.

Apply the paste to the target area and leave it there for minimum 20 minutes to give the time to the skin to absorb the benefit, avoid using cold water to wash the paste. This remedy needs to be repeated on a daily basis because natural remedies take some time in giving the desired results and they are safe, so a person can repeat without thinking about the side effects.

Egg white remedy:


The presence of the proteins in egg white works well in repairing the skin cells due to which it is one of the great home remedies to reduce stretch marks, nothing is required other than an egg white for getting rid of the ugly lines on the skin. No matter at which part of the body you have stretch marks, you can apply the paste without any tension.

Take two eggs and separate the egg whites, beat them well using a fork and apply the paste to the target area. Leave the paste on the skin until it gets completely dry and don’t forget to use Luke warm water to wash away the paste, using cold water for washing it will not give good results. This remedy can be repeated daily for getting the desired results and there is nothing to worry about the skin damage while applying it because it is natural and free of chemicals.

Sugar remedy:

home remedies to reduce stretch marks

Sugar cannot be ignored when it comes to the treatment of skin issues because sugar is used in many remedies to cure various skin problems like darkening of the specific area of the skin and stretch marks also. There are multiple scrub preparation methods in which sugar is used because it helps in removing the dead skin cells. Alpha hydroxy acid is present in sugar, which assists in generating fresh looking skin and also proves great when used for treating the stretch marks which makes the skin look ugly.

This remedy needs just 3 ingredients that are available in every home, take 2 tbsp of sugar and add a few drops of almond oil in it. Take a lemon and squeeze it to take the juice out of it, add 1 tsp of lemon juice in the mixture and mix well. Apply the mixture to the targeted area with finger and massage the stretch marks with it for minimum 8 minutes. Wash the part of the body after the massage, the mixture helps in removing the dead skin cells and the dead skin is replaced by the new skin which looks fresh without the ugly marks due to which it is listed as one of the best natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks.

Aloe Vera remedy:

how to cure stretch marks on thighs

Aloe Vera remedy comes with the healing properties, due to which it is the best answer to the question how to cure stretch marks on thighs. Nothing is required to be mixed in the Aloe Vera gel for getting rid of the ugly lines on the body, take one piece and cut it half to take out the fresh gel. Apply the gel to the target area and leave for minimum 20 minutes, then wash it away and avoid using the gel available in packing.

Black tea remedy:

Black tea is not only an outstanding product for the skin, but it is great for the hair as well because it is full of vitamins; which provides benefits to the human system from inside and outside both. The vitamin, which works great in getting rid of the stretch marks is vitamin B, it helps in improving the condition of the skin and also regulates the skin pigment production that in turn assists in making the skin look like before the stretch marks.

The remedy is simple as well as inexpensive because not more than 2 things are required for it; take 2 tbsp of black tea powder and 1 tsp of salt. Place a pan containing a small amount of water on the stove, pour both ingredients in it and let it on the stove for 2 minutes until the water starts boiling. Leave the solution to cool and apply it on the target area, this remedy can be repeated until getting the desired results because the solution is safe to use on skin without worrying about the side effects.

Why to use the creams prepared with chemicals when there are natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks, which are safe and effective.

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