Know the best way to get rid of dry scalp

Most of the people don’t know that dry scalp issue and dandruff are two different problems, so it should be cleared prior to giving the remedies for the treatment of dry scalp. Dandruff is a problem which stays with the person until it is treated, but it is not the case with dry scalp as the individuals have to face in winter season.

Dry diet and extreme cold weather are the 2 most common causes of dry scalp, but there are also some people who suffer with the dry scalp issue in other seasons as well and the causes of dry scalp in those cases are not the diet and weather. No matter what is the cause of dry scalp, here are some effective and best way to get rid of dry scalp.


best way to get rid of dry scalp

Avocado is not only great in treating the dry scalp issue, it also solves the issue of the individuals who are worried due to their frizzy hair.

It is easy to prepare, take 2 bananas and 1 avocado and mash them together. Mash well to make a paste, apply it to the scalp and leave for half an hour because every remedy takes time to give good results.

Here is another outstanding remedy that is prepared with avocado for which there is a need of 1 lemon and honey. Mash 1 avocado and add 1 tbsp honey in it, mix well to make a paste. Squeeze the lemon and add 1 tbsp of its juice in the paste, apply it on the scalp and leave it there for 20 minutes.

Egg yolk:

how to get rid of dry scalp patches

It is a simple and the easiest method of treating the dry skin issue because the egg yolk can be used alone, this remedy doesn’t require any other ingredient to be mixed with the egg yolk. Take an egg and separate the egg yolk, apply it directly on the scalp and let it there for 15 minutes, which are needed for the egg yolk to do its work. This remedy is also the answer of the question how to get rid of dry scalp patches.

Coconut oil:

how to get rid of dry scalp with coconut oil

Coconut oil offers multiple benefits for the hair and scalp; those who want to know how to get rid of dry scalp with coconut oil can directly massage the oil on the scalp because there is no need to add any other ingredient in the oil to get the scalp issue treated. Leave the oil on the scalp for minimum 1 hour and you will get the problem treated without spending time on preparing a mixture by adding many ingredients and it is the inexpensive treatment.

For those who have time to prepare the remedy and who want to add other natural ingredients to increase the benefits offered should go for the mixture prepared by combining tea tree oil and rosemary oil with coconut oil. You just need to take a small bowl and pour 5 tbsp of coconut oil in it, add the equal quantity of 4 drops of both other oils in it.

The mixture will work like a magic and the flaky scalp problem will be treated by applying this simple mixture in which nothing artificial is added. Don’t forget the massage part as it is the important step which is mandatory to treat the dry skin issue, so you can use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on the scalp prior to start massaging it to absorb into the skin. Apply it on the whole scalp and then massage it in circular motions for almost 4 to 5 minutes, wash the hair after 25 minutes and you will see the result. A person should never ignore the dry scalp issue as it leads to hair loss problem if left untreated.

Here is another great remedy involving coconut oil which works great when it’s the case of flaky scalp, take a few grapes and squeeze them to get the juice out of them. You also need a lemon for the preparation of this remedy, pour the required amount of coconut oil in a bowl and add the equal amount 3 tbsp of lemon and grape juice in it. Apply the mixture on the scalp and let it there for almost 15 minutes, you will get the hair soft with this remedy and you will feel the difference after applying it first time due to which it is the best way to get rid of dry scalp.


Take 3 cups of water in a pan and add a quarter cup of oatmeal in it, after the water starts boiling; turn the stove to low heat and leave the pan on it for half an hour. Strain it and let it cool at the room temperature, add a few drops of rosemary oil in it and apply the paste on the scalp for 20 minutes.

A person should not forget that the dry skin is sensitive, so everyone should avoid using the harsh chemicals on it and should not use excessive hair products because it can make the issue worse. The use of hair products is not only harmful for the scalp, but also for the hair as the products which contain harsh chemicals damage the hair.

Aloe Vera:


It is not only an outstanding product for the skin, but also for the scalp as it is considered the great product when the question comes  what is the best cure for occasional dandruff. It doesn’t leave any side effect and everyone can apply it to the scalp without any worry, cut a stick of Aloe Vera and get the gel out of it for applying directly on the scalp. Avoid using the Aloe Vera gel available in the market because fresh works better than the pack gel, left the gel on the scalp for 10 hours.

Select the remedy which you think is the best way to get rid of dry scalp and will work great you to start the treatment today.

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