Natural homemade remedies for lightening dark lips

As there are several causes which turn the lips dark in color, there are many homemade remedies for lightening dark lips, which are simple to prepare and use for getting the desired results. The great thing about the remedies made at home is that there are no harmful chemicals added to them and a person can use them without any worry about getting the skin damaged.

Butter remedy:

homemade remedies for lightening dark lips

Butter makes the lips soft as well as helps in making them pinkish, it is best to use to get rid of dark lips that ruins the overall look of a person especially the women. Rose petal is something that is easily available in the market and the person doesn’t need to spend much time in finding it; for preparing this solution of dark lips for turning them lighter in color, 2 or 3 rose petals and 1 teaspoon of butter is required. Using a blender, make a paste of both ingredients and use the mixture for massaging the lips for a few minutes. One can use this remedy daily without thinking of any issue because none of both ingredients are harmful.

Glycerin remedy:

Glycerin is safe to use on skin and lips as well, this remedy doesn’t leave any side effects as the ingredients are safe. The remedy requires 3 ingredients in equal amount that are glycerin, lemon juice and honey. A half teaspoon of all of them are needed to mix, apply the paste on the lips and leave for almost 12 hours due to which it is great to apply it prior to going to bed at night. People who get irritated by applying honey on their lips can use castor oil instead of it, it provides the same great results and there is no time limit on using this solution for getting the appealing pink lips.

Raspberry remedy:

how to get rid of dark lips overnight

The nutrients in the raspberry keep the skin healthy, so the remedy containing it is definitely great for which 3 ingredients that are natural are needed. For the preparation, take 1 teaspoon of raspberry juice and add the equal amount of honey and Aloe Vera gel taken fresh from it. You require this mixture to scrub the lips, so that the benefits can be absorbed in them to make the color lighter. The mixture needs to be left on the lips for minimum 8 minutes, the results are great due to which it is in this list of the effective homemade remedies for lightening dark lips.

Pomegranate remedy:

causes of dark lips

It is not only good for the lips and helps in lightening the color if they are dark, but offers many health benefits for the human system. For the preparation, just 3 ingredients are required, including 1 tablespoon of crushed pomegranate, a half teaspoon of rose water and milk. If someone is stressed due to dark lips and wants to know how to get rid of dark lips overnight, then there is also a solution which takes less time in turning the dark lips light in color which requires mixing pomegranate juice with beetroot juice. Applying the mixture on the lips will do magic.

Almond oil remedy:

The oil offers many benefits for the skin and the ingredients in this remedy are less due to which it is simple to prepare. Almost a half tablespoon of almond oil is enough for the lips, add a small amount of honey in it and use the paste for rubbing the lips which will leave them soft and turn them lighter in color with the passage of time.

Sugar remedy:

It is the effective method which requires less time in preparation as nothing other than sugar and water is needed for it. Sugar works well when it comes to removing the dead cells and this method assists in removing the dead cells from the lips which can be a reason of their dark color. Add water to the sugar for making a thick paste, massage the mixture on the lips for a couple of minutes and wash the lips. The sugar scrub is not only great for lips; but for the whole body and a person can also use this for the face, hands and feet to enhance the beauty.


There are many causes of dark lips from which some can be avoided while others need proper treatment because they are not in control of the person like when it happens due to deficiency of any nutrient in the human system.


Most people who have the issue of dark lips and are looking for the solution of lightening the lip color are chain smokers. If a person is conscious about the facial beauty, then it should be kept in mind that smoking not only leaves a person physically ill from inside; but also from outside by making the lips appear black due to the products like tobacco that are used in manufacturing of cigarettes.


Lips licking:

Some people lick their lips in regular routine unconsciously and it becomes their habit which turns the lips dark with the passage of time, it is something which a person can avoid to keep the lips pink and appealing as the dark colored lips look weird and ruins the facial beauty.


People who don’t take care of their lips get them dark in color, especially those who don’t moisturize them and leaves them dry. Dryness takes away the softness and the appealing appearance of the lips, but it is an issue which can be handled by properly moisturizing the lips in the regular routine.

The above mentioned homemade remedies for lightening dark lips contain the natural ingredients which make a person satisfied that he/she is not using something dangerous for the lips or skin and like these remedies, there are multiple methods of natural skin whitening without using whitening products which provides the desired results. The remedies containing the natural ingredients are safe in every sense and they are not like the creams or other ready-made products with the specific time period of usage. The natural remedies that are prepared at home can be used for long-term without any tension of side effects because they don’t contain anything that affects the skin in a negative way.

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