Effective ways of natural skin whitening without using whitening products

God has made every single person beautiful and everyone is unique in his/her own way, but there are some individuals who are not satisfied with their looks and complexion as well for which they undergo the surgeries to change the appearance like they desire and use the whitening creams containing harmful chemicals.

Changing the complexion and whitening the skin tone is not something which requires spending a high amount of money or using the dangerous lotions that damages the skin, here are some effective ways of natural skin whitening without using whitening products.

Activated charcoal remedy:

natural skin whitening without using whitening products


It is not only great for skin whitening, but also helps in whitening the under arms, which is the serious concern of the ladies who wear sleeveless, but the dark under arms lowers their confidence level. It is also great in solving the issue of pimples because it absorbs the oil from the oily skin which is the main reason of pimples and for preparing the whitening remedy with the charcoal, you just require 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal and almost a half teaspoon of water to make a paste.

Apply the mixture on the face or the other areas for the complexion whitening for minimum 15 minutes and then wash it off with water, keep in mind to not use cold water for the face washing. Luke warm water should be used and there is no issue of using this remedy for the whitening purpose daily.

Lemon remedy:

make your own homemade skin whitening cream


Lemon is used in various skin problem treatment remedies because it is full of properties that benefit the skin in many different ways. This remedy is not time consuming and the results are outstanding for which just 3 ingredients are required, take a lemon and squeeze it for just 1 tablespoon juice, mix it with equal quantity of powdered milk and honey which is 1 tablespoon to make a paste that can be easily spread all over the face. This paste can also be applied to other skin areas as well, so leave it for minimum 15 minutes before washing it off.

Be careful if anyone is suffering from acne issue because lemon can be harmful as well as irritating for the acne, so people with the severe pimple problem should avoid using this remedy and they can use any remedy which don’t contain lemon or any other natural ingredient that is acidic.

Here is another remedy which is done with the use of lemon, one needs egg whites and lemon juice. Take equal amount of egg whites as of lemon juice, mix both mixtures and heat in a pan until it thickens. Leave the pan to cool the paste and pour it in a container to place in the fridge, the paste needs to stay on the face for minimum 20 minutes every day for the good result and it is a great method of natural skin whitening without using whitening products.

Orange juice remedy:

Homemade skin whitening night cream


Orange offers multiple skin benefits and it is great for skin, its effectiveness for the skin increases when turmeric is added to it. This remedy requires just one orange juice and powdered turmeric, take the orange and squeeze its juice about two and a half tablespoon. Add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder in it which will make a thin paste that is not irritating if a person has to apply and leave it for many hours. This remedy provides great results it is done every night for a few days; this mixture needs to be applied at night time prior to sleeping.

Apart from the remedies which requires 2 or 3 ingredients for the preparation at home; there is also an option to make your own homemade skin whitening cream, which is the best option as it is inexpensive and a person is satisfied that there is no any harmful ingredients present in it. Making a cream with one’s own hands keeps the person tension-free, that there is nothing in it which will leave the side effects or damage the skin.

Skin whitening cream made at home using natural ingredients:

It is easy to prepare because the ingredients are easily available in the market and the method to make a cream is simple.

  • One and a half cup of plain yogurt
  • 15 drops of lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 5 pieces of almond (you can buy powdered almonds)
  • A quarter teaspoon of powdered turmeric



If you have almonds, then you need to make a powder of them, so if you have time crush them and make powder of them. The almonds require special attention when a person is turning them to powder because too much blending time can convert the almonds into almond butter which needs to be avoided. There is a great option of buying the powdered almonds as it saves the time, take a bowl and mix all the ingredients which will make a thick paste. This mixture needs to be applied every night prior to sleeping due to which it is also said as homemade skin whitening night cream with amazing results.

There are home remedies for most of the skin issues and one can cure the skin problems if he/she finds the natural remedy for it because a treatment done with the natural products are considered best as they don’t leave any side effect and one can use it without any tension. Just like the effective method of natural skin whitening without using whitening products are above mentioned, there are also some great natural homemade remedies to cure stretch marks which help in reducing and removing the marks in some cases.

There are some things which should be avoided to keep the complexion as it is naturally from which one important thing is to avoid the sun exposure as much as a person can because it darkens the skin tone. Heat also darkens the complexion; so it should also be avoided, especially the face as it makes a person look worse.


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